Ive Been Set Free.

This is a different post from the normal, I am calling this a “Story Picture”. I have no idea if that is real or if there is a actual name for this type of picture session, but I enjoyed doing this for all you lovely’s and I really hope that you guys enjoy the pictures and short story. ❤


I always felt so frazzled, so overwhelmed with responsibilities and dedications to people. I wanted to be free, to feel free for a moments time. I took that recognition deeply in my mind and took the steps to feel this lightness, to feel like I’m weightless. The ocean was a beautiful place to let my burdens set soar to the great blue, even if it was temporary. Cool air flourished my porcelain skin and I finally took that leap. Gravity and fate had my grips, and that was the moment I felt free.


I felt the weight of the world leave my shoulders, the thoughts of my responsibilities and negativity cascade as I went down to the unknown. The sea air caressed my being and the only thing I could hear were the waves of the ocean calling my name. Soon, I dived in the cold and beautiful mystery of my serenity.


Waves carried me and I swam beyond the border lines of land, a place to discover the new and unknown, a place my mind could delve with no thoughts and worriment’s. I never felt so free, so light, and so removed from what was a cruel world of corruption and chaos, only to see things crystal clear. Serene and beauty. Ive been set free.


((For those who are wondering what I am wearing..which isn’t a lot since i didn’t want there to be a lot! 🙂 ))


Hands: .aisling. Eunice – Hands Gold


Hair: *ARGRACE* UREI – Whites – Vanilla

Lashes: . Falsies .

Eyes: IKON Destiny Eyes – White

Top: .:subOrdination:. Qazandra Haltertop {Duality}

Pants: Kaithleen’s Arabian Wide Pants – Frost


Cheeks: {Dead Apples} Shimmery Cheek Blushes – Natural ((Light))



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