Something New, Something Sparkly.

This is my first post and blog and I’m excited to share my ideas of creativity, exploration, and experimentation with clothing and looks for role-play!

My goal for this blog is to have fun and share my styles of fashion with you. A few goals for me would be to:

– Inspire a idea for your next outfit.

– Create new and unique styles.

– And of course, make connections with friends.

The female outfits I post will revolve around BTB Gorean Attire, some GM outfits (Maybe?), and some odd-ball/unrelated outfits not linked to Gor.

All outfits in a single shoot will be modeled by me Luna (Maluani) and if some of my friends are to be apart of this blog, then i would of course give them a shout out and credit to them.

Hope to see this blog blossom into something special with anyone who stumbled across it! Stick around!

Shout to Nyx (Anuchel Resident) for inspiring me to do this. Love you girly! ❤

Luna (maluani)


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